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Orgnanic blond Beer, Fronsac, France - 3 Tertres "La Foune"

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Organic beer coming from a microbrewery in the town of Fronsac. Right in the middle of the Bordeaux wine region. 75 cl

Blond organic beer for aging on lies

"Eul Ch'ti fé s'bier bio". Born in the North of France, Alain SENECAT arrives on the Fronsac's hill and created his craft brewery to share the ch'ti myth. Beer with character, friendly and tasty, like beers from the North and Flanders.

The beers of 3 Tetres are made with the finest malt and hops from organic farming, yeast and sometimes some spices.

Recipe designed by Alain SENECAT. Brewed in an artisanal way according to the Belgian "old-fashioned" method, a method that respects the work of time. Malted barley and hop flowers release the best of natural aromas. Unpasteurized beers, the double fermentation refines the taste, reduces cloudiness and offers fine and natural bubbles.

Naturally gluten continent


Serve fresh from 5°C to 8°C

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